Storyteller Digital produces and distributes innovative Rich Media Digital Content factual entertainment, specialising in nature, wildlife, and natural mysteries. We also produce science, historical, cultural and travel programming for TV, web, and mobile distribution.

We have a number of Branded series that have a fan base in more than 150 countries. These series include:

Animal X - a cult series which is investigates some of the world's most baffling natural mysteries.

Before It's Too Late - THE endangered species series again showing or has been seen in more than 100 countries.

Animal Allies - the only series in the world that features both pets and wild animals stories in each episode. Also contains How To segments.

Wildlife Warriors - an endangered species series aimed at young children

Fat Cat Storytime - a short series for pre-schoolers with traditional stories and nursery rhymes.

Animal X - Series One, Two, Three (The Natural Mystery Unit)

Animal X investigates strange, unexplained sightings of creatures, many of which are yet to be recognised by the scientific world. The program also reports strange and unusual animal behaviour and phenomena from around the globe. The Animal X team is committed to solving the most baffling of nature's mysteries. To find out more about this series, go to

Animal Allies – Series One and Two
Animal Allies is a feel-good international TV series exploring the wonderful relationships between humans and animals around the world. Filmed in a variety of exotic and urban locations - including the UK, Russia, Australia and Asia - this series follows all kinds of animal lovers from top vets to everyday pet owners.

We follow vets operating on animals, both in theatres and out on the fields, in the Animal Doctors segment. We meet animal lovers who dedicate their lives to animals in the Animal Helpers segment. We travel the globe to bring you the people who fight to save endangered animals in the Animal World segment. In a special "How To" segment we give essential tips on looking after your pet.

Cobbers Television Series
(6 x 30mins)
*distributed, not produced by Storyteller Media Group.
The word Cobbers is Australian slang. It means mates, buddies, and comrades-in-arms. It signifies the feeling that two blokes have for one another. Max Harwood and Ross Dunkerton are two Australian Cobbers. Join them and enjoy their quirky sense of humour as they search Australia’s remote ‘outback’ for the wonderful characters and oddballs that live there. This series is a wonderful insight into the vastness of this enormous country and the people who make their life here.

Before It’s Too Late
(15 x 1 hr)

Is arguably the first and only TV series to deal soley with endangered species.

The series looks at more than one hundred species and what is driving them along the road to extinction.

We also look at the people who are fighting to save these creatures from extinction. An environmental series that gives hope in these uncertain times.

It's the story of the species and their place in our world.

It's a story of the plight of the species and what's cauing thier extinction.

It's the story of amazing human beings who have dedicated their lives to saving "their" species not only for future generations to marvel at, but for the sake of the wider picture. The world we enjoy today is this way because of the web of life that holds it all together. We did not create the web of life we are part of it, What we do to the web we do to ourselves. What we do to the world we do to ourselves, to mis-quote Chief Seattle.

It's a story of one species helping another.

The story of humanity's fight back.

Before It’s Too Late
The Great Whale Rescue – Lost Angels

For centuries, whales have mysteriously stranded themselves in great numbers along the coastlines of the world. The Great Whale Rescue - Lost Angels, documents one of the largest known strandings near a small town in Western Australia. For three long days and nights more that 1000 people joined together in a gruelling battle to save 90 false killer whales.

Before It’s Too Late
The Zoos – Future Proofing

The modern zoo is no longer a caged menagerie, but an Ark for the future. In zoos around the world, dedicated conservationists are fighting to save endangered species. San Diego Zoo, The Bronx Zoo, and Minnesota Zoo in the USA along with London Zoo and The Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust in the UK, are all linked by a computerized captive breeding program to help save endangered species. In this documentary we also join a re-introduction program, which sees the Bettong (a mini kangaroo) and the Golden Bandicoot re-introduced into the Australian Desert.

Before It’s Too Late
From the Brink of Eternity

We travel to the Amboselli National Park in Kenya where indigenous people are fighting to save their land from the once endangered African Elephant. The recovery of this species has been so dramatic that its numbers are now threatening the very environment that helped save it. On the Seychelles, we meet locals battling against time to save the Black Paradise Fly Catcher, the Giant Tortoise and the Giant Millipede. In Mauritius, we join those fighting to save the Mauritius Kestrel. Just over a decade ago, only 4 individuals remained, but today thanks to the efforts of a handful of people the species is once again thriving.

Before It’s Too Late
Orangutan – Just Hanging On

On Kalimantan we join a dedicated group of indigenous locals and international volunteers fighting to save the desperately endangered Orangutan. We visit a rehabilitation Centre in Borneo, where confiscated pets are prepared for release back into the wild. Also, at the San Diego Zoo we watch open-heart surgery performed on an Orangutan. At the Perth Zoo we watch the first ever filming of an Orangutan giving birth.

Before It’s Too Late

This documentary takes you to a magic place, a special place where humpbacks mate and give birth. We journey to the West Coast of Australia aboard ‘Whalesong’, the Catamaran-home to a team of researchers and eco-tourists as they gather data to help save the fragile Humpback Whale population. As we live amongst these huge leviathans, swimming with them and watching them breach and thrust their enormous tails into the air, we marvel at how such a gigantic creature can be so gentle.

Before It’s Too Late
Whaleshark – Gypsy of the Deep

Whalesharks are the biggest fish in the ocean but they remain an enigma. Despite their enormous size very little is known about their life cycle and migratory habits. Unless something is done to save the Whaleshark it may soon become extinct. Despite a rise in eco-tourism we ask why some cultures continue to dine on Whaleshark meat.

Before It’s Too Late
Madagascar – The Island Ark

Madagascar has some of the world’s most unique animals, but over 100 species that live here are under threat of extinction. The amazing dancing Sifika, a weird looking Gremlin like creature called the Aye Aye, Chameleons, Spiders, Radiated Tortoises and the recently discovered Golden Bamboo Lemur are all battling for survival. Madagascar‘s jungle, the home to this diverse animal population, is rapidly being destroyed by desperately poor people struggling to survive. In this documentary we meet the amazing people who are working to save their wildlife from extinction.

Before It’s Too Late
Mini Monkeys of Brazil

The vast majority of Brazil’s dense rain forest has been destroyed by humanity’s greed for timber, leaving the wonderful animals of this region fighting for survival. Golden Lion Tamarins, Woolly Spider Monkeys and tiny Marmosets are all on the brink of extinction. Brazil’s natural habitat is so unique that new creatures are still being discovered. Meet the people who have the plan and vision to save the mini-monkeys of Brazil.

Before It’s Too Late
Mini Marsupials
Australia’s wildlife is far more diverse than most people realise. An array of mini-marsupials with strange names like the Chuditch, Bettong and Woylie live quietly in the Australian bush. But these tiny marsupials are now under threat of extinction. See what is being done to save these creatures and curb the mass destruction of their habitat.

Before It’s Too Late
Wildlife Warriors – Allies of Nature

In Denmark, a strange partnership is being forged between the country’s military and those fighting to save what remains of the Danish wildlife and heritage. Huge tracts of land, previously reserved for military training, have acquired a new purpose. This purpose is the protection of life - animal life. Denmark, a country proud of its military forces, is now tackling a problem that is affecting much of the world - how to protect endangered wildlife species and encourage them to breed. The Danes believe they have the answer.

Before It’s Too Late
Dogs Cats & Horny Beasts

Africa is home to the superstars of the animal kingdom, but its rich menagerie is under threat. Gripped by savage drought - the game reserves, which are now the only refuge for these magnificent creatures, are fighting an uphill battle to maintain a dwindling gene pool and provide an effective deterrent to the poachers seeking big rewards from the illegal animal trade. The loss of each Rhinoceros, Cheetah and Painted Hunting Dog is a dramatic blow to the future of these species.

Before It’s Too Late
Croaking Frogs

Humanity is on the brink of a revolution in pharmaceuticals that has the potential to free us from the scourge of hitherto incurable diseases. But the source of much of this potential medicine, the humble frog is under threat. Just as science is uncovering this bonanza, frogs are suffering the biggest mass extinction since the demise of the dinosaur. The devastating cause of their ongoing extinction has now been uncovered, and it has astounded scientists the world over.

Before It’s Too Late
Hawaii – Isles of Extinction

Hawaii, the island playground to the rich and famous, is paying a high price for its popularity. Many of Hawaii’s unique plants and animals are under threat from habitat destruction, development, pollution and perhaps worst of all, alien pests. Today, with so many native species struggling for survival, Hawaii has become known as the endangered species capital of the world. We investigate a gruesome disease killing the region’s ancient green sea turtles, and in a magical moment witness the birth of a Hawaiian monk seal pup. From below the waterline, to one of the tallest mountains in the world, viewers will see the struggle many Hawaiian species face and meet the determined human helpers who are acting to save them.

Before It’s Too Late
Cambodia – Beyond the killing fields

Cambodia is home to the enigmatic and playful Sun Bear, its cousin the Asiatic Black Bear and also the powerful and impressive Asiatic Tiger. But the survival of these species is under enormous threat; they are on the brink of extinction. Victims of exotic medicine and horrific culinary delights such as ‘bear paw soup’, these creatures are hunted relentlessly by desperately poor poachers. We witness the pitiful condition of a recently rescued Sunbear, and share the joy of knowing that a small number of creatures are now safe in sanctuaries designed to educate future generations.

Before It’s Too Late
Land of the Unexpected - PNG

Papua New Guinea is truly a land of unexpected beauty and charm; but as its primitive people struggle to survive and move into the new millennium they are placing the unique flora and fauna of their small nation under great threat. The heart of PNG is a species-rich rainforest, while its coast is fringed with fragile coral reef. Pollution, hunting, mining and logging pose real and immediate threats to these habitats. For centuries this forgotten paradise has been hidden from the eyes of industrial opportunists. But that is no longer the case. This documentary is a rare opportunity to see some of nature’s best-kept and most enchanting secrets, including the tree kangaroo, the long-beaked echidna and the cassowary as well as the rich coastal marine life.

Dogs of Peace with Heather Mills-McCartney
(60 mins)
Landmines hidden below the earth are devastating the lives of people in Afghanistan. The entire country is under siege from this buried enemy. Land cannot be farmed, roads cannot be travelled and children cannot play outside. In this documentary, presented by Heather Mills-McCartney, we join the extraordinary landmine detection dog teams as they risk their lives to make Afghanistan safe again. A unique insight into the people of this colourful country.

Encounters With Speed (Sport)
(30 mins)
Imagine driving a car that can out-accelerate a Concorde, go faster than a jumbo jet, and cover a mile in 5 seconds. Encounters with Speed is a documentary about having the nerve to sit behind a monster with enough power to break the speed of sound. For one mad mile, he must hold his jet car perfectly straight. Join Roscoe McGlashen on an outback Australian salt lake as he battles to become the fastest man on earth.

Exposed Eagles (Sport)
(60 mins)
A no-holds-barred look into the personalities and dreams of 5 players from the premier AFL football team, West Coast Eagles – as you’ve never seen them before. Exposed Eagles will appeal to all. For the serious footy fan – you will learn things about players, which you never knew before. For the not so serious – you will see the guys doing the things that they have always wanted to. Introducing Guy McKenna, David Hynes, Chris Mainwaring, Peter Wilson and Drew Banfield.

In Search of a Lost Princess (Historical)
(75 mins)
Mystery surrounding the escape of Princess Anastasia Romanov from the hands of her Bolshevik executioners has long fascinated the world. This feature length documentary scientifically investigates claims by one man that his Grandmother was the missing Anastasia living in hiding in distant land. We travel to Australia, South Africa, the UK and Russia in search of the answers to his fascinating riddle. The results of this investigation could change your view of history.

A Century of Sundays (Historical)
(30 mins)
The Sunday Times is an icon in Western Australia. For over a century it has both written and been a part of history. This documentary gives a rare insight into the running and history of the Sunday Times newspaper and looks at many of the prominent stories covered during the first century of its operation. Celebrate 100 years of “the people's paper”. Meet journalists, editors, printers and photographers as they prepare an issue, reflect on the last 100 years, and look forward to the future.

Russian Bohemia (Cultural)
(60 mins)
Russia’s music tradition dates back thousands of years and carries with it a very gripping drama that engulfs its people, its history and its landscape. To a backdrop of stunning Russian landscapes and architecture, we take a musical journey with members of the Moscow Male Choir and some of Russia’s most prominent musicians. We join Russia’s treasured performers as they sing and play at the Kremlin. A performance video for lovers of fine music.

Secret Treasures of the Kremlin (Cultural)
(60 mins)
Secret Treasures of the Kremlin is a magical look at Russia as you’ve never seen it before. Full of "coffee table book" images, this documentary uses the music of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, played by the Rossiyane Folk Orchestra and the Kremlin Capella to provide a wonderful background to the Russia of today. We journey through the beautiful Russian countryside visiting its historic cities. We also visit the Kremlin to view valuable treasures including the extraordinary Faberge eggs.

Malice or Mutiny - The Koolama Incident (Historical)
(30 mins)
The Koolama, pride of the WA state shipping fleet, lay crippled in the shallows. Its 200 passengers and crew, some with horrific injuries sought refuge on a nearby beach. 10 days earlier their peaceful life had been turned upside down. Their voyage brought to an abrupt end, as Japanese zeros bombed their decks. What followed is a story of survival and heroic achievement. It's also a tale of conflict, jealousy and fascinating personalities. Many say it's the story of Australia's forgotten mutiny.

Matthew’s Miracle (Medical)
(60 mins)
The touching story of young Matthew Fiddick and his incredible battle to stay alive. At three he was diagnosed with a massive brain tumour and his parents were told it was unlikely he’d reach four. Matthew however has defied the odds with the help of Dr Charles Teo and survived 16 brain tumours and 5 operations. In an emotional and compelling journey we follow Matthew and his family as they travel to Sydney for the most dangerous operations he has yet faced.

Bush Fires - The Summer Wars (Historical)
(60 mins)
*distributed, not produced by Storyteller Media Group.
Every Summer, as the mercury soars in Australia, the country is at war with the environment. Bushfires are a dark cloud that threaten all rural communities and the fringes of urban development. The effects can be devastating. Each year thousands of hectares of bush are blackened, houses are destroyed and lives are lost. In this documentary we examine the effects of recent tragedies, meet the victims and the heroes. We try to understand this natural phenomenon and ask what can be done to prevent fires in the future.

The Great Gold Rush
(60 mins)
*distributed not produced by Storyteller Media Group.
Discovery of gold was the turning point in Australia’s history. Fabulous riches were instantly available to anyone lucky enough to dig in the right place. The fever that swept across the land changed the country forever. In this documentary we trace the rush for gold as it raced through the state of Victoria. We explore the harsh life of a prospector and visit towns that owe their beginnings to the nuggets that were once found there.

Storyteller Media Group also produces Children’s television. The flagship
project is Fat Cat’s Storytime – an icon for Australian Children.

Fat Cat Storytime
A series of 'must-buy' videos & DVD’s for children aged 2-8 years. Children will love watching Fat Cat having lots of fun dancing and acting out his favourite stories and singing along to their favourite songs. This series of 4 Volumes (each containing 3 episodes of 12 minutes) and includes every child’s favourite action songs including Insy Winsy Spider, If you're happy and you know it, Little Miss Muffet, and many more.

Wildlife Warriors Childrens’ Series
A fun-filled, educational 5 minutes where we meet Davo Dinosaur, Klaws Koala and a human called Jane. Each episode of Wildlife Warriors sees Jane and Klaws visit Davo in his Cave. The two animal characters are not well behaved and they give Jane a hard time, but eventually they are brought under control in time for Jane to tell them about the global battle to save endangered species.

Storyteller Media Group can also produce your corporate documentaries, redesign your corporate image and enhance your marketing strategies with the latest multimedia products and techniques.

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